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Karmala Harris

This letter was published in the Siskiyou Daily News April 15, 2021. We will be putting previous letters published since the newspaper has a small number of Siskiyou residents subscribing. Our letters to the editor have not been published since September 2021!! Karmala HarrisKamala’s Irish grandfather, Hamilton Brown was a human trafficker lawyer in Jamaica. He owned four lucrative plantations devoted to his slave trade business. Brown made the family fortune enslaving Africans, Creoles, his…

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The Big Truth

The Big Truth                            Unfortunately today, many liberal Democrats are delusional and have lost touch with reality. This mass psychosis is due to endless propaganda broadcast by the liberal left controlled media. Liberal hate for common sense has given birth to their totalitarian Cancel Culture which aims to silence, censor, and erase anyone that opposes their opinion. We must never allow this culture of hate and violence to mature in America as it did in Nazi…

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Government Statistics

                                                                                                                                                                               Have you ever believed something to be true, only to find out later it was all a big lie? In America today, we are all being told to get vaccinated to keep us safe from a deadly virus. And we know it’s a deadly virus because government statistics tell us so. Government statistics state that more than 600,000 Americans have…

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