Karmala Harris

This letter was published in the Siskiyou Daily News April 15, 2021. We will be putting previous letters published since the newspaper has a small number of Siskiyou residents subscribing. Our letters to the editor have not been published since September 2021!!

Karmala Harris

Kamala’s Irish grandfather, Hamilton Brown was a human trafficker lawyer in Jamaica. He owned four lucrative plantations devoted to his slave trade business. Brown made the family fortune enslaving Africans, Creoles, his own Irish people men, women and children for profit.


Donald Harris (father) grew up in an environment where human lives was not considered to be of consequence. He taught Marxist economist at Sanford University and also served as an adviser to the Jamaican government.


Dr. Shymala Gopalan (mother) from India, a cancer research scientist, her father T.V. Gopalan held a high position in India’s government, equivalent to our Secretary of State. 


Kamala was born an American citizen in Oakland California as well as a citizen of Jamaica via father per the Constitution of Jamaica. The position she occupies requires by our Constitution to have complete allegiance to the United States of America. Does Kamala still hold dual citizenship? 


Her parents divorced when Kamala was 5. Her mother decided to return to India taking both daughters. They lived with her grandfather T.V. Gopalan. Kamala was raised in an environment of privilege, being well cared for by servants under the harsh caste system. What a long daily bus ride for “that little Girl” from India to Oakland to attend school. As an adult she returned to America to attend Howard University and Hastings College of Law in San Francisco


Kamala and parents share a similarity that they grew up in a culture that embraced an environment where people’s lives were not a matter of importance or could be free.


Kamala Harris is a product of systemic racism for instance she cackles when she is confronted with the severity of the chaos at the southern border.


Learn more: Profiles in Corruption, Peter Schweitzer 


Irma Vorbeck, Weed CA




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