Trust Your Cat

The dating advice I gave to my girlfriend’s daughter was, “Always trust your cat. If your cat doesn’t like them, then you probably won’t either.”

I live with a 14 year old female lion named Little Miss. Like most cats, she pretty much runs the house. She does the usual things, but she also loves to read the newspaper.

I read the Mt. Shasta Herald, and when I’m done, I put it on the living room floor. She turns the pages with her paws. When she gets to the Opinion section, that’s when things get really interesting. And if you don’t already know, women and cats have a lot in common, they’re both highly excitable.

 A women’s intuition is the other. Cats, like women, have a 6th sense to protect them from evil. Plus, they both have selective hearing, which includes the “stare” that says, “Are you addressing me, then lick it, put a stamp on it, and mail it.”

She enjoys reading Liz Bowen, it’s a regular love fest. She rubs her face and ears all over the page. Sometimes she rolls around on her back, paws in the air, rubbing the top of her head.

Little Miss has a very different reaction reading “Siskiyou Voices.” Watching her read “Liberal Democrat Propaganda” is like watching Ted Nugent play “Cat Scratch Fever.” If anyone needs a paper shredder, call me. Talk about an excited woman, she destroys “Siskiyou Voices” immediately after reading. I’m sure a lot of Democrats want to shred it too. Biden and his woke band of delusional Democrats have completely destroyed everything that America once stood.

Clearly, my Cat is a very intelligent Republican Woman. So I’ll let her read the paper first, to censor all the Democrat misinformation with her claws.

Jack Phillips

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