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Have you ever believed something to be true, only to find out later it was all a big lie? In America today, we are all being told to get vaccinated to keep us safe from a deadly virus. And we know it’s a deadly virus because government statistics tell us so. Government statistics state that more than 600,000 Americans have died “with” Covid-19. Not to be sarcastic, but most of these people also died “with” toe fungus and bad breath. I point this out because no one knows how many people have died “From” Covid-19. The government statistic of 600,000 dead scares a lot of Americans, “Fear Porn.”

The problem is, government statistics are a big fat lie. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting the unemployment rate at 5.2%. This is a big lie to make the economy look better than it is. The real unemployment rate calculated using the 1980 equation equals 25%, according to Economist John Williams at Shadow Statistics. The BLS also calculates inflation and has repeatedly reported the CPI at 2%, when Shadow Statistics states the real inflation rate is around 9%.  

Nurses at local hospitals have stated that people admitted with vaccine injuries are not being reported to the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System, (VAERS) and vaccinated people admitted sick with Covid-19 are reported as un-vaccinated. This false reporting allows the government to state that Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective. Hospitals are forced to report false information or be cut off from government reimbursements. So when nurses and doctors refuse vaccinations, don’t condemn them. They know there may be more people dying from vaccines than from Covid-19. If hospital employees quit their jobs, and local healthcare collapses, then blame the Democrat Dictator Biden, for his foolish and unconstitutional vaccine mandates.                           

Jackie Mccord-Terwilliger, Vaccine Widow






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