The Big Truth

Unfortunately today, many liberal Democrats are delusional and have lost touch with reality. This mass psychosis is due to endless propaganda broadcast by the liberal left controlled media. Liberal hate for common sense has given birth to their totalitarian Cancel Culture which aims to silence, censor, and erase anyone that opposes their opinion. We must never allow this culture of hate and violence to mature in America as it did in Nazi Germany.


Watching the impeachment hearings, we repeatedly heard Democrats say the election was fair and honest. Democrats repeatedly stated that Trump's "Big Lie" was that the election was stolen. The left keeps repeating that there was no election fraud. Joseph Goebbels, a famous Nazi propagandist said, "tell a "Big Lie" and keep repeating it until it becomes the truth." We all witnessed the election theft and must never allow this "Big Lie" to become the truth.


So here is the "Big Truth," the election was stolen.


We all watched the videos of the election theft. Democrats kept Republicans at a distance. They put pizza boxes over windows. They sent Republican's home and continued counting fake ballots pulled from under tables all night long. They spiked the vote for Biden with thumb drives. They ran stacks of unfolded mail in ballots over and over again. The Senate hearings in five States exposed mountains of evidence and produced 1000 sworn Affidavits attesting to the election fraud. Just because our corrupt court system refused to look at the evidence doesn't mean the crime never happened. This injustice is called the "Color of Law." The fact that our Government is corrupt enough to steal a Presidential election, is the greatest threat to our Republic since it was founded.  


Jack Phillips



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