MUST SEE... HUCKABEE explains the collusion conspiracy of Hillary and her henchmen! LIZ CHENEY is connected!


GO watch this video!  
Hillary is at the center of all this Russia Hoax and trying to overturn the 2016 election....  She is tied to all of the players... particularly the powerful DC law firm of Latham & Watkins where PHIL PERRY* worked...
who?? Liz Cheney's corrupt husband who we talked about years ago after ripping off the DOD.
And Trump... NO connections to any of these deep staters! ZERO. YOU have been played by the media!

Huckabee breaks down the Deep State's web of connectionHuckabee • 50m



That is Mrs. Philip Perry.   Liz Cheney is the mother of his five children, who had been accused of corruption and cronyism and said a few years ago, "The term 'revolving door' implies people going in and out of government in order to obtain monetary gain. The reason people go into government is to serve their country. It's not appropriate to describe that as a 'revolving door.'"


Phil Perry is the poster boy for K street/whitehouse cronyism and revolvingdoorism!

In 2007, TheTownCrier wrote several articles detailing some of the questionable 'work' Perry headed at the Justice Dept.  One is titled, "Exposing the Dept. of Job Security (who is Philip Perry?)".

In his position as the General Counsel for the DHS, appointed by his friend Michael Chertoff, Perry supervised over 1,500 lawyers, and advised Secretary Chertoff, who had been a close associate at their lobbying/lawyer firm and the White House on the Department's legal and policy issues.   Issues of influence for Perry included, but were not limited to, "the transit of people and cargo, comprehensive immigration reform, and critical infrastructure such as chemical plants."


'Transit of people and cargo'....NO ONE in the Bush DOJ EVER did anything to enforce those laws!

 "Perry’s questionable behavior extends far beyond nepotism and delaying investigations. He’s also a pro at jumping back and forth between government and the private sector, doing what he can to benefit industry along the way. After Bush became president, Perry moved from being a junior partner at the DC law firm Latham & Watkins to holding the position of Associate-Attorney General for the Department of Justice. He then moved to the Office of Management and Budget as General Counsel, where he had a hand in drafting plans for DHS. In 2003, he returned to Latham & Watkins as a member of their Homeland Security practice group and lobbied on behalf of Lockheed Martin and other companies."

One article on Mr. Perry you should read is, 'Dick Cheney’s Dangerous Son-in-Law, Philip Perry and the politics of chemical security'  by Art Levine.

It details nefarious dealings when Perry was general counsel of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), another powerful Bush/Cheney appointment.

The point here is that the OMB is supposed to be impartial, a 'guide' to the administration, not to make policy decisions at the VP's behest!   When you're running an administration that isn't corrupt you don't appoint a relative as a watchdog! HELLO!

[snip](A colleague, Michael Chertoff, would later head the Department of Homeland Security.) In 2000, when Cheney became George W. Bush’s running mate, Perry found himself in the inner circle of advisers surrounding his father-in-law. Friends describe him as intellectually brilliant and extremely discreet. Fittingly, in the vice president’s debate-prep sessions, Perry played the role of moderator. The Republican political consultant Mary Matalin, who worked with him in the mock debates, described Perry to Legal Times as “very, very, very strategic.”

When the election of 2000 was resolved, Perry took on the title of “policy coordinator” for the Bush-Cheney presidential transition. By early 2001, he had been appointed as the acting associate attorney general at the Department of Justice, the department’s third-ranking official. It was a dramatic promotion.

While Perry mostly stayed out of the news, the summer brought some unwelcome attention. The Department of Justice, it was reported, would stop pursuing a breakup of Microsoft. Since Perry oversaw the antitrust division, and Cheney had previously met with Microsoft’s CEO, some critics smelled a fix.[snip]

In January 2007, during the uproar over the imprisonment of Ramos and Compean, two border agents and the false statements made by the Justice Dept., Perry announced his intention to step down as general counsel of the Department of Homeland Security and was rumored to be returning to Latham & Watkins. Elizabeth Cheney, Perry’s wife, had given birth to the couple’s fifth child in July 2006. 

We will likely never know how deeply Perry was buried in the pathetic prosecution and imprisonment of these two border agents for doing their jobs.   We do know of other problems  he handled for DHS that point directly to him.

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