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  • You really do not realize the impact of losing someone like this. The impact is so slowly going through your mind a little at a time.
    You expect him for dinner and then realize that will never happen again. You meet someone you both knew and walk away saying "I must tell Paul that I saw him today " and then you remember...
    I read again the hospital records of 206 pages and realize the situation with him was so horrific and I cried out in pain. "Why Lord? Why did this have to happen to him? Why was he given a protocol so dangerous? Why would they do this to him or anyone? Please help us to know what to do to stop this intentional murdering... and that is what I believe it is.
    And without any real evaluation, the medical establishment will have the audacity to harm our children? Can you possibly stay silent if you know this is true? I know I cannot. We need medical freedom and quickly.

    Dr Reiner Fullmich explains how the PCR test must be the focus... because we do not have a choice.
  • Dorothy, thanks for posting your experience with Covid in the hospital. Hopefully, this will give others the courage to tell their stories.
  • My husband and I were both given Remdesivir in hospital, which has been found to cause acute kidney failure. While he also had heart concerns, there was no treatment option prior to going to the hospital.. We had only just found out about hydroyxychloroquine and could not get it at that point. No treatment.. just stay home until you cannot stay at home any longer...Since when are there no treatments?
    Now .since leaving the hospital i refuse to take a vaccination that has never been adequately tested and am constantly asked why?
    And now, they want to inject our children and grandchildren with something that may be dangerous. Why will we even consider doing this?
    Orchestrated plandemic!
  • To those who want proof of the way this entire situation has been orchestrated. please watch the information below.
    It is like Nuremberg 2 in Poland, however they need an independent tribunal now.
    Watch 10 minutes into the broadcast where Dr Reiner Fullmich testifiies.
    How much more do you need? How much longer do we keep our heads under the sand? I know....It's just too difficult to believe that we have been lied to for two years?
    If this had been out last January, my husband might have lived. I would have had more time with him.
    I will do all I can to get this message out. I will fight this travesty! In the name of my family that may be permanently injured by the "cure" offered, I will post " on the wall"...
    What do I have to lose that I have not already lost? I lost my husband and my children think I am a bit different after leaving the hospital, so it feels like I lost some of them too. God help us all!
  • After leaving my husband at the hospital on Jan 11th, I remembered very little about the next three days.. I do not know if I ate or drank anything. Did I feed my cat? Did I sleep? The doctor called and said my husband's covid would be a
    "marathon not a sprint" Someone called and I told them what I had heard from the doctor but I did not remember this conversation till I came home days later.. My son's mother in law had called to ask if I had a fever, if I had taken aspirin. I did not remember speaking to her..
    My daughter dropped a machine to check my oxygen levels which were low.
    I arrived at hospital myself on Jan 14th. My doctor called me, said I was coughing too much and was too sick to stay home.. My son asked if I could drive there so he followed me to the hospital in his own car. I parked the car and locked it.. He walked 6 feet away from me to the door of the hospital. I do not remember opening the hospital doors. I do not remember the ER though I was there till the next day. I do remember when I was told they had a room for me, but felt guilty when I was going to a room the next day when there were others in the ER.
    I tried to understand what they were telling me about my husband in ICU on a ventilator but finally my niece and daughter in law were placed as contacts for the rest of our family. I was in no position to relay his information since my situation was suddenly in jeopardy. My children knew my husband's situation was critical but now they were not certain about me.
    My children were having to make life or death decisions for both of us from four different locations. I was on oxygen, heart monitor and BP check, constantly cold and waking with night sweats that required complete change of clothes and bedding. Coughing and exhausted, and trying to keep track of my husband in ICU while losing track of the days.. (cont...)
  • It was in October this year I started asking questions and insisting on hospital records. I did not have the strength till.then.
    My husband was identified by pcr testing with Covid on Jan 8th. I had left a message with our doctor that he might need a chest xray prior to the test results. The standard of care was "stay home until you need to go to the hospital". However by early Monday, Jan 11th, he recognized he was too ill to stay home.
    I drove him there, kissed him goodbye and went home to fight off my own beginning symptoms.
    He called me that afternoon to tell me...." they say they must put me on a respirator or I will.die. I am calling to tell you that I love you and our family." That was the last time I talked with him.
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