Conservative Article Reference List For 11-10-21

November 10, 2021


Consumer Price Index Preview: Brace For The Highest Number Increase In Three Decades

Relief From Continuing High Prices Is Unlikely, Analysts Say Ahead Of Consumer Inflation Data Release

U.S. Energy Information Administration: Natural Gas Prices Expected to Be Volatile This Winter Amid Weather Uncertainty

How shutting down a key Michigan pipeline could worsen Biden's fuel crisis

Biden Won’t Be Able to Spin His Way out of Inflation Crisis

Mainstream Poll: A Plurality Of U.S. Voters Want Joe Biden Out Of Office Next Year

A record-breaking number of container ships are reported to be clogging up the California coast

Biden’s Treasury Department nominee wants to bankrupt fossil fuel companies - She is a graduate of Moscow State University in the former Soviet Union and is a Marxist to her core

The Tragic Consequences of Excess Welfare - Dad stays home all day, living off his unemployment check

China's home builders are on the brink - The Federal Reserve warned that financial fallout from China’s real estate shakeout “could pose some risks to the U.S. financial system

WSJ: China’s Plan to Manage Evergrande: Take It Apart, Slowly - Via a controlled implosion of the real-estate giant

Time for Republicans to take a stand against Pelosi's Jan. 6 circus - This panel was selected only by Pelosi, contrary to normal House procedures

The reason innocent January 6 prisoners are pleading guilty - Today, in the USA, you’re guilty until you can afford to be proven innocent

The sinister predawn raid on James O’Keefe - Pre-dawn raids have a troubling history

Trump Criticizes McConnell Over Infrastructure Bill - Why were you “incapable” of producing an infrastructure plan when I was president

The Climate Agenda: Financial Power over Democracy?

The draft COP26 deal targets fossil fuels and aims to strengthen the Paris plan

John Kerry: The U.S. ‘Won’t Have Coal’ by 2030

Sharyl Attkisson: Two Watchdog Groups sue government for Fauci's professional finances, including royalty payments

‘Experts’ struggle to explain why Florida has half the Covid case rate of masked and vax mandated California

The CDC Hits A New Low With Two Manipulated Studies Of Questionable Quality That Have Several Problems

Fully Vaccinated Choir Concert Has A Substantial COVID-19 Outbreak - Unvaccinated with negative tests were banned

WSJ: California Scrutinizes Doctors as Parents Seek Exemptions From School Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate

The ‘Russia Lie’ – As Revealed By The National Pulse

John Durham Is Getting Close To The Jugular - The special counsel’s probe is methodically unraveling a huge conspiracy

Jim Jordan says lies exposed by Durham matter because they underpinned the Trump-Russia investigation

Afghanistan: How It Became America’s Disaster - Our leaders know about levers of power but have never worked them

Opposing Tyranny - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis details how his state has resisted federal overreach

A woman who live-streamed her Chicago looting spree released the day she arrived to serve her 17-month sentence

The San Francisco Board of Elections certifies the petition to recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin

A Primer on Vehicle-Miles-Traveled Taxation Concepts - How any VMT would be actually charged is not yet determined


November 9, 2021


Biden's National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan revealed as the 'foreign policy advisor' named in the Sussman indictment

Jonathan Turley says the FBI's involvement in the alleged theft of Ashley Biden's diary raises 'legitimate concern'

The Pentagon Admits That ‘Dozens’ of Family Members of US Troops Are Still in Afghanistan

The Jan. 6 Committee Issues 10 More Subpoenas -  Kayleigh McEnany, Stephen Miller, and other former Trump aides

American consumers are paying a steep price for Biden’s policies due to ever-rising inflation

Biden's Build Back Better agenda would make the US income tax rate the highest in the developed world

Just in Time for the Holidays: The Biden Administration is Considering a Vaccine Mandate for Domestic Air Travel

LA City Workers Protest Vaccine Mandates - Firings of 25% of unvaccinated workers next month would ‘cripple’ city

Life Without the Vaccine - I have never in my adult life—or even in high school—experienced peer pressure like this

Senior NIH Doctor Pushes Back on COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates - NIH to host a seminar on vaccine mandates on Dec. 1

Naturally Immune Federal Workers Lodge Class-Action Suit Against Fauci, Walensky Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Dennis Prager: Natural Immunity Versus Vaccine Immunity

Unions Issue Warning: Biden's COVID Vaccine Mandate Could Slash Truck Driver Workforce by 37%

Sharyl Attkisson: Solid facts about Covid-19 vaccine info that were censored by Facebook

CCP Media Admits That A Large Number of Officials ‘Lack Confidence in the CCP,’ And Could Flee at Any Time

State School Board Associations Continue to Flee The NSBA - 23 states have now distanced themselves

Remington Arms, America’s oldest gun manufacturer, is moving its headquarters from New York to Georgia


November 8, 2021


The Biggest Ransomware Bust Yet Might Actually Make an Impact

Do Transgender Women Have a ‘Right to Gestate’? - That is, to obtain uterus transplants so they can become pregnant and give birth


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This letter was published in the Siskiyou Daily News April 15, 2021. We will be putting previous letters published since the newspaper has a small number of Siskiyou residents subscribing. Our letters to the editor have not been published since…
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You know I personally don’t mind not buying toilet paper, paper towels and shavings for my animals. I like using alternative products. I can’t help wonder though, what happens when everybody makes the change?
We are all going to be using more water…
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Why do people call it misinformation when Justice Sotomayer states untruths about children with Covid 19. Looks like a whopper to me. Glad media called her on it.
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Misinformation= truth that has to be censored or lies that have to be spread. Funny how that word gets twisted.
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While the politicians and media balloon 1/6 as something it isnt, I will be remembering Ashley Babbitt and Sequoria Turner-Williamson and everything that led up to 1/6. It wasn’t a one day event. The lies continue.
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