Me and Joe Bidens Brain

TheTownCrier: Me and Joe Bidens Brain (


Me and Joe Bidens Brain






I'm not talking about his moral makeup or CORRUPT criminal mind, but his cognitive deficits.

Joe had major brain surgery back some 30 or more years. He's 80, 7 years older than me. 

Few escape that kind of trauma and damage without deficits showing sooner or later.  And often they appear with age or more trauma.

Traumatic brain injury, like mine from 1974 when my skull was split open, should have been a fatal auto accident which included the joy of a crushed pelvis... A lifetime of pain.

I see myself in old Joe. Verbal skills are torture for me as I forget names and words as he does.  My voice breaks or just stops or I forget what I am talking about. My writing sucks.

 My lips "stick" to my teeth when I talk. 

Watch Biden... That's how many drugs dry the mouth.  Mine were painkillers and we old people are stuffed full of chemicals just to keep us alive.  I gave up painkillers a decade ago because family kept stealing them.  

His unsteady gait and jerky movement tell the same story.

Something in his brain just isn't getting the proper signals.

Some moments, which the media always captures and puts on display, he seems lucid, secure.  

Give me an oxy, a good night's sleep and no PTSD triggers or pancreatitis and I can pass for 25 years younger.  For a few hours.

People will tell me how great I look!  They lie.    Evenings are weary and confused. You rarely see Joe Biden out at night.  It gets clumsy and confused and painful as the day goes on.

And like Joe, my temper is as short as his. I don't care much anymore who I offend.  Unlike Joe, I only fight back when they start it! 

Thankfully I am not a corrupt lawyer/politician as well and used to lying every time I open my mouth. Joe Biden NEVER cared about the truth,

I can do what I am familiar with. Something new, forget it. 

Give Joe the job he's always done: Being a candidate and bull shitting the public and schmoozing oligarchs.  

 He's still pretty good at that.  And there's always Hunter for backup.


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