There are allegedly over 332 million people in the U.S., and despite the non-stop threats of a “deadly virus” (with a 99.98% survival rate), the constant warnings from the Biden regime, OSHA’s failing attempt at power, the bribery and incentivizing by businesses, the screeching roll of PA announcements in retail establishments, and the endless yammering from mainstream media and “health experts,” over 40% of Americans aren’t choosing the path of fear, and are unrattled by the tyranny which lacks any level of truth.

Some have banned together and succeeded against mandates, while many would like to take legal action, and others have already done so, but finding attorneys and court cases, and sorting through the legislation and battles between states and the federal government can be challenging and tedious.

For anyone who believes the U.S. is dead in the water – think again. This battle is on, and people are getting more fired up as more demands are being put on them. It’s time that everyone takes a hard stand while this battlefield is brewing with energy, and put an end to this tyranny once and for all unless you prefer to line up for booster shots for the rest of your life and live in a dystopian virtual cage controlled through your digital ID vaccine passport.

This article will break down the following information to help both citizens and attorneys get a fuller scope on the big picture, including pertinent legislation and federal battles that are also playing a big role with outcomes and putting a halt to this tyranny, and provide links for ongoing tracking.

• Tackling Covid tyranny head-on
• OSHA & Biden administration under fire in court
• Tracking civil court cases and class actions
• Tracking state and federal legislation
• Tracking Covid policies in K-12 schools
• Summary of what’s working and case examples

• Covid Resources for legal and/or medical assistance, job boards, forms and letters, alternative resources, and critical information


We have our work cut out for us, but a lot of legislatures are doing their jobs. Here’s a snapshot of where the U.S. stands on Covid jab mandates thus far, which doesn’t include the recent unconstitutional OSHA debacle that’s under fire in court. More on this further down.

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  • The goal of the virus was to scare everybody into believing that a vaccine would save them. the goal of the vaccine was to be strong enough to afford limited protection, but too week to afford long term and robust protection, thereby necessitating routine treatment. This routine treatment then would necessitate a tracking system (vaccine passport) that would integrate information from education, medical, employment, financial, etc. and enable THEM to control your access. If there is a mark of the beast, then this is the beta version of the system from which it will blossom. Gauging by the three mandate cases that have reached the supreme court, e.g. New York Teachers Union, and observing the courts position, i.e Sonja Sotomayor telling the teachers to get the jab or loose their job, I don't think there is any mystery about the end of the road for this legal pursuit. I hate to say it, but a legel option doesn't seem to actually exist. Sic Semper Tyrannus.

  • Great post! 

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"We should have protests about the future of feeding our children and protecting them rather than protests in support of killing them for convenience sake."
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