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  • It is more than two years later. I moved away from California on July 9, 2022 and purchased a house and currently live in Boise Idaho. I have found many friends and others who had similar experiences to mine.
    Reading his hospital records, I was not comforted to read that my husband's hands were tied to his bed as they placed the ventilator into him. They had to check his hands every day to see if his wrists were injured by being tied.
    When they knew the night before he died, the ICU nurses got together to bring me to see him in a wheelchair. He was just down the hall and I was not allowed to see him until the night he was dying. When I arrived in his room, I had to pull myself up out of my wheelchair just to touch his head, his face, his shoulders. He was on his stomach and I never realized that I could not see his hands. I realized later it was because his hands were tied.
    Then I was so tired that I could not stay. I told him I would miss him so much and thanked him for our life together and told him that I knew our great Creator had a place for him.
    Later, I felt so awful that I did not stay so he wouldn't be alone when he died. My son had to remind me that I was too sick to stay and the records stated that I had a chest xray the next day that showed I had pneumonia, apparently again.
    The hospital records showed they realized his kidneys were not producing urine and there was "no comment" placed in his records.

    After I left and went back to my room and slept, I woke up at 3 am and knew he was gone. I still feel he came to say Goodbye to me. Our children called early that morning to tell me and I said.. I know he's gone and now he can do anything.. he can even fly.
    Those protocols took away the years we should have had together... and I had to forgive the hospital, the doctors and the nurses for the standards they were required to follow.
    I did not want to forgive yet I know I cannot continue without forgiveness.
    But I want you to understand that this should not have happened to him or to anyone else.
    These protocols were used to financially benefit the hospitals and deprive all of us of loved ones. It has been proven that up to $500,000 were given to the hospitals for those identified with Covid (with unproven tests) placed in hospital, placed on a ventilator and then deceased with Covid placed on their death certificates like appeared on my Paul's certificate.
    Someday this must become common knowledge and those who perpetrated this must come to justice.
    In the meantime, I continue and will not be silent. If I am asked to testify I will be vocal. Why did I live? Maybe this is why.. In the meantime, God's blessings on all!
    I know that my Redeemer lives!
  • It is now over 20 months since I lost my husband due to the hospital protocols. In the enusing months, there has been a flurry of interest in the sickening number of deaths. On September 7 th in Fresno California, several ;families have garnered the attention of two lawyer firms in the interest of the hospital protocols of Remdesiv and fentilators. All those months ago I became convinced that my husband's death did not have to occur, but I did not have the records at that time. When originally checking in Sept 2021, I first saw 240 pages. When I finally decided to lownload the records to my computer there was only 206 pages. I still wonder what was in the original papers. I have no been able to download my recores, though I know i was also given Remdesivr as well. An associate from the lawyer firm contacted me about two weeks ago. I told them that though I have moved and left the state I would be willing to return to California to write out a deposition about Paul's death. I am fiirnly convinced that Paul did not have to die, but they convinced him he would die if he did not go on a respirator. I have been very vocal about this since I left Callifornia. We have been lied to for much too long.
  • After what I have learned in these monthsi, it is seems apparent that, at the time my husband and I were hospitalized in January 2021, the doctors and nurses at the hospital were probably unaware of the dangers that ensued with the Remdesivir/Ventilator protocol they were required to use for those identified with Covid using the faulty testing method they were provided.

    I cannot prove that they intended to murder my husband. I place the blame in the hands of the evildoers at the top, which include Fauci and Gates, the Media and the Pharmaceutical companies.
    Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and so many others, including Frontline Doctors will continue to work to unmask them and insist on their proven culpability for their heinous acts of terrorism.
  • Dr Bryan Ardia just produced a new video. It's on Telegram and it gives me all the ammunition I could ever need to expose the protocol that killed my husband and many others. Email me at and I will share it with you. The local paper did a survey this past Sunday of those who died from this virus and included Paul in the pictures and story.
  • It's been a long time and it never gets easier. Over a year and sometimes I still cannot believe that this has happened.
    I left the hospital taking 35 of insulin every morning. I had had diabetes that I had tried to control with diet and failed. So after leaving the hospital, every morning I had to check my blood sugar and give myself shots of insulin. My A1C had been 12.6 the previous year.
    I began looking at my diet and finally discovered intermittent fasting. So I started eating at 8:30 am and then again at 3:30-4:30 at night and drinking water only until the next morning. My sugar levels started going down, within five months I was at 8.1. Three weeks ago my eye doctor sent me to an eye specialist who explained my retina was bleeding. They scheduled me for injections In my eye. I asked to.hold off a month.
    Meanwhile my doctor called and said I could stop.insulin as my A1C was at 6.0. Two weeks later, at the eye specialist, his examination revealed I did not need the injection. Then an eye examination showed that my eyeglasses needed a lower prescription.
    The eye doctor wanted to know what I was doing. I told him intermittent fasting and I am so grateful to God for showing me, with friends assistance, how to eliminate taking insulin. I am no longer taking any medicines.
    I am doing all I can to stay away from doctors.
    I also suggest a form to give to hospitals, given by a good friend, to eliminate the current hospital protocols in the event you have to go to a hospital for an emergency. You must have suitable medical forms to protect yourself and/or your loved ones. If interested, let me know. Protect Your medical privacy. I had no idea what was being used on myself or my husband and did not know the side effects. Now that we do, we must be prepared.
  • Every day more its another variant
  • The evidence is coming out finally. Paul has been gone more than a year and every time more information becomes mainline, I have to be careful to keep my anger in check.
    Fauci set up Remdesivir for all hospital patients and got away with it. Many patients of my husband's age were given a drug that has the side effect of destroying the kidneys.
    My husband had a history of a stent, four way bypass surgery, carotid artery surgery on both sides and hiatal hernia surgery where 2/3 of his stomach was in his chest. He survived all of that but was unable to survive having his kidneys destroyed by a lethal drug. Remdesivir created a situation where his lungs filled with fluid and then his heart could not handle the overload and he died of heart failure.
    Can I prove this? No, I cannot as I do not want to put his body through an autopsy and my family through the pain of setting this up.
    Yet, I know, deep in my heart, that he did not have to die.. and that this protocol killed him and is killing others all across the nation.
    I am not the only person who has had to go through this, but the protocol must be stopped before it kills even more people.
    I am in the unique position of having had wonderful nurses and providers caring for me in the hospital, but in the iCU and across the nation the protocol is standard. i had always been his advocate through all the other surgeries. but this time I had no input as the hospital was already predisposed to offer only one medicine and I could not be involved and knew nothing. I was given the same medicine but somehow I survived it... as my oxygen level did not go lower and so I did not need a ventilator like my husband.
    The drugs they could have used for him were not allowed and are still almost impossible to procure. I know as I have been trying to get them from outside the country. Please do what you can to keep yourselves and your family out of the hospitals.
  • You really do not realize the impact of losing someone like this. The impact is so slowly going through your mind a little at a time.
    You expect him for dinner and then realize that will never happen again. You meet someone you both knew and walk away saying "I must tell Paul that I saw him today " and then you remember...
    I read again the hospital records of 206 pages and realize the situation with him was so horrific and I cried out in pain. "Why Lord? Why did this have to happen to him? Why was he given a protocol so dangerous? Why would they do this to him or anyone? Please help us to know what to do to stop this intentional murdering... and that is what I believe it is.
    And without any real evaluation, the medical establishment will have the audacity to harm our children? Can you possibly stay silent if you know this is true? I know I cannot. We need medical freedom and quickly.

    Dr Reiner Fullmich explains how the PCR test must be the focus... because we do not have a choice.
  • Dorothy, thanks for posting your experience with Covid in the hospital. Hopefully, this will give others the courage to tell their stories.
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